At Castle Kindergarten we work hard to integrate children's learning experiences between indoors and outddoors to give them the best experiences that our environments can offer. Through play and learning we support their development using engaging naturalistic activties and explorations.

What matters to us...

By the time children leave us for the next stage in their learning journey we want them to have become confident, competent, curious, creative individuals who can communicate well.



Confidence Matters


We believe in offering children first hand experiences to support the development of their understanding of the world.

Competence Matters


We believe in providing children with practitioners who can support and guide the children’s explorations and stretch and challenge their learning opportunities further.

Communication Matters


We believe in giving children the tools of listening, attention, speech and a wide vocabulary so they can be strong communicators.

Curiosity Matters


We believe in providing open ended and intriguing resources that allow children to explore, investigate and master the world.

Creativity Matters


We believe in providing a science based context for children’s learning where they can experience many natural materials including sand, water clay and mud

0-2 years old children

Our baby rooms are warm and homely environments with different spaces to crawl around and toddle in. They offer opportunties to explore safely and have cosy sleeping areas. Our qualified and experienced staff adhere to a 1:3 ratio and operate a key person system. Our baby rooms are well equipped with materials and toys that will interest and engage babies to stimulate their developing senses. 

2-3 years old children

Our indoor and outdoor spaces for two year olds have plenty of areas to toddle and there are lots of fun, interesting, creative and messy resources to play with. There are lots of stories, rhymes and songs too. Two years old children who need to nap can relax in warm, comfy places. Our qualified and experienced staff adhere to a 1:4 ratio and operate a key person system.

3 & 4 years old children

Learning continues to be fun in our indoor and outdoor areas for children aged three and four. Learning is lead by children's interests and increasingly the activities and materials promote early reading, writing, mathematical and scientific experiences. Our qualified and experienced staff adhere to a 1:13 ratio when a qualified teacher is with them and at other times a 1:8 ratio is in place. We operate a key person system.

Food and Nutrition

We provide a range of snacks and drinks for your child during their part day or full day at the kindergarten. For those families paying for a full day of childcare lunch is included in the fees. Children who receive free childcare can have lunch bought for them or can bring a packed lunch from home. For children spending all day with us we will provide a light afternoon tea at around 4pm.

We know that eating healthily is extremely important for the development of young children. So, the food that we offer is planned carefully to minimise sugary foods, fatty foods or foods containing additives. We aim to influence and encourage children to try a wide range of foods, including organic and multi-cultural produce.

Snacks and meals are prepared freshly each day in our food preparation area and our menus for the week are displayed for families to read. As part of our initial and on-going care arrangements, we take specific note of a wide range of dietary needs and cultural preferences. We welcome suggestions from parents on any aspect of children’s meals and snacks so please tell us about your child’s special dietary needs.

      We use our slow cooker to make wholesome tasty are some examples of our main courses  


Sausage Casserole


Corned Beef Hash & Crusty Bread


 Pasta Bake


Cheese and Tomato Pasta


Meatballs and Spaghetti 


Vegetable Curry


Chicken Casserole







allergens are always noted on our menus