Our vision for children’s learning and development

Our vision is a statement about what we want to achieve for children. Castle Kindergarten’s vision for children’s learning and development is best described by Rich, Casanova, Dixon, Drummond, Durant and Myer in their book ‘First hand experience – what matters to children’ written in 2005.

What matters to children

What is in the world

Who is in the world

Touching and tasting the world

Knowing the world

Making sense of the world

Exploring how things work

Moving about in the world

Acting on the world and making a mark upon it

Being engaged with authentic purposes

Being with friends

Being in different kinds of places

Making collections

Having a sense of big belonging

Making my own world map and my own moral map

Finding out what the world is made of

Being in the world of living things

Understanding how the world works

Finding out how to keep safe in the world

Our kindergarten environment provides lots of opportunities for children to explore, discover, wonder, imagine and create! You will find more detail about the kindergarten curriculum in our seperate section titled “Our Curriculum”